Islam enthusiastically welcomes converts regardless of social status, class, race, ethnicity, gender or previous beliefs. The local mosque, ICFC, will strive to make a number of resources available to potential Muslims including informative websites, local converts to coach you and many Muslims to help answer any questions that you might have

A convert-driven religion

Islam, together with Christianity, constitutes the two largest religions in the contemporary world. One of the main reasons is that Islam is willing by commands of God to accept converts who are ready to accept the truth.

The violent path that orientalists tried to taint Islam with “Islam spread by the sword” is nothing but a conjecture or an ill-intentioned propaganda. While, large-scale conversion took place in lands conquered by Muslim armies, such as Egypt and Syria, it was the other way around e.g. conquering Mongol armies converted to Islam beginning in the 13th century. Indonesia (250M) largest Muslim country, today, became a Muslim nation without wars, according to Princeton University. Islam, the fastest growing religion in the US and the west continues to accept converts around the world.